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We are the national academy of academics, practitioners and learned societies in social science. The sector’s leading independent voice in the UK, we champion the vital role social sciences play in education, government and business.

Reimagining the recipe for research and innovation: the secret sauce of social science

Our new report emphasises the vitally important, yet often poorly-understood, role of the social sciences to the UK’s current research, development and innovation system, and outlines four key ingredients that the social sciences contribute to enable world-leading and future-focused UK research.

The SHAPE of Research Impact

This report, commissioned by the British Academy and Academy of Social Sciences, highlights the tangible impact of the UK’s SHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts for People and the Economy) research on the wellbeing of society, culture, and the economy through a collection of case studies.

The We Society Podcast: Season 4 is out now!

Tackling the big questions through a social science lens, Season 4 of the We Society Podcast is here.

This season our host, Will Hutton, speaks to: Vivienne Stern from Universities UK, Daniel Susskind on the future of work in the age of AI, Neil Adger on the ongoing climate crisis, Ann Pettifor on global debt and many other fantastic guests.

Election 24: ideas for change based on social science evidence

Social science perspectives will be vital in informing policy debates ahead of a likely UK General Election next year. To support the development of evidence-based policy discussions, our new hub foregrounds the social sciences in informing policies across the political spectrum and showcases research evidence relevant to public policy.

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Our Impact

Striving for successful outcomes and impact underpins all our work. Our impact influences how well social sciences are understood, flourish in academia, and used beyond. Ultimately this enhances decision-making, society and social science.

Our work to ‘promote social science in the UK for public benefit’ is guided by our strategy. We inform and advocate to enhance and safeguard social science; we showcase its importance and use; we facilitate knowledge exchange to policy on issues of national importance; we foster multi-disciplinary approaches and innovation.

We inspire diverse future generations of students; and we recognise excellence, convene and connect individuals and organisations.  In short, we are a strong independent voice for social science and we champion its many applications in creating a better society.


Our human world is changing rapidly. Many of the great challenges we face are caused by humans and their solutions rest with humans.  The list is long, from population demographics, climate change and sustainability, to COVID-19, levelling-up, social inclusion, and much more.

It is vital that we understand the dynamics, interactions, and what works in managing societal challenges. It is equally as vital that we have informed citizens. Social science with its analysis and understanding of society, economy, people and place is fundamental to both and to a sustainable, stable and more equitable future.

The Academy draws on the expertise of 1500 Fellows for knowledge and inspiration. It works collaboratively with 48 Member Social Science Societies each representing a discipline, sub-discipline or interdisciplinary area. This is a powerful collective voice for social science and an influential network and resource.

As a charity we are governed by an elected Council of Fellows, advised by four expert committees, and core funded by member subscriptions and Campaign sponsorship.