Careers in Social Science

Earnings and Employment

Contrary to popular perception, social science graduates earn about as much as STEM graduates and more than those who studied humanities and arts subjects.

  • Economics graduates

    Economics graduates are among the highest earners from all disciplines.

  • Politics and geography

    Politics and geography graduates earn more, on average, than graduates in biosciences.

  • Thousands

    Thousands of social science graduates work for government and many are members of the analytical and policy professions. Analytical professions include economics, geography, social research, statistics and operations research.

  • UK businesses

    UK businesses across all sectors draw heavily on a wide range of social science knowledge and skills, and consider them to be essential to their success.

  • Companies

    Companies use social science knowledge and skills to run their business; understand suppliers, markets and consumers; analyse and manage risk; develop new products or ways of working; and in research, strategic planning and leadership.

  • Data skills

    Combining number and data skills with social science knowledge and approaches is particularly valued by employers of all sorts.

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