Academy and Campaign Events

The Academy and Campaign organise and host events featuring distinguished guest speakers throughout the year. These include the annual lectures and discussion panels organised with partners, including Campaign partner SAGE Publishing.


AcSS Annual Lecture 2022: Possibility space: the role of the social sciences in understanding, mapping and shaping the future – 16 June 2022

Professor Sir Geoff Mulgan, University College London 

Professor Sir Geoff Mulgan will explore the history of future-shaping in social science; why this work has been discouraged in recent years; and what methods can be used to guide us through the difficult transitions ahead. Register free.

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Academy of Social Sciences 23rd Annual General Meeting – 16 June 2022

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Past Events

It’s institutions stupid: The moralisation of capitalism – Campaign for Social Science Annual SAGE Lecture (7 Dec 2021)

Campaign for Social Science/SAGE Publishing 

There is widespread agreement that contemporary capitalism needs a reset. This lecture, delivered by Will Hutton, will try to bring together theory, evidence and practice to point the way to a new capitalism.

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