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S4 Ep8: Levelling up isn't a pick n mix with Andy Haldane

For the final episode of Season 4, we have one of the chief architects of Britain’s Levelling Up agenda: Andy Haldane. A Fellow of the Academy, Andy is in the middle of an illustrious career, from chief economist of the Bank of England to chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts. He has put social science in motion throughout his whole career.

In this episode, Andy speaks to host Will Hutton about his involvement in the Government’s Levelling Up agenda which seeks to send more investment to areas which were previously sidelined.

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Quickly became one of my favourite podcasts! I love learning about why we humans behave the way we do and love listening to smart people tell me why. This ticks all those boxes and more…”

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“A really great listen and find. Would recommend highly.”

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“My favourite podcast right now. I’m enjoying learning about the role of the social sciences. I studied Sociology at university in the late 80’s. I don’t think that I was ever told what it was really for or encouraged to turn my studies into a career. If only I could do it over! This will have to do. And it will do quite well. Thank you.”

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