Launching the Academy’s 2024-2029 strategy

Today the Academy of Social Sciences launches its new five-year strategy for 2024-2029 which outlines our objectives for promoting social science in the UK for public benefit.

Informed by consultations with Academy Fellows, Council members, Executive Committee, our member learned societies, Academy staff and other stakeholders, our new strategy builds on our current work and guides our activities in achieving our vision to see the social sciences flourish in the UK, sustain their world leading stature and help make the world a better place.

Chief Executive of the Academy, Dr Rita Gardner CBE FAcSS, said, “Championing the understanding and application of the social sciences to our everyday lives has been a cornerstone of the Academy’s work since its inception in 1983, and it continues to hold a prominent role in our new strategy. I look forward to working with our communities over the next five years in realising our ambitious plans in advocating for the social sciences in policy, business, education, and public life.”

The Academy’s 2024-2029 strategy consists of six objectives:

  1. Embed social science evidence and mindsets more fully across governments and decision-makers, enhancing awareness of, demand for, and use of social science evidence and building greater parity of esteem between social science and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).
  2. Safeguard the social sciences: seeking to sustain their ‘health’ in secondary education, higher education and research, and their funding, in a complex setting subject to changing political pressures.
  3. Foster strong, skilled and diverse pipelines of social scientists for the benefit of the social sciences, society, employers and individuals.
  4. Grow the public image and understanding of social science with the long-term aim of achieving parity of public recognition with science and technology.
  5. Recognise and support excellence in social sciences, recognising that the UK is a world leader in this sector and that the social science ‘ecosystem’ needs nourishing.
  6. Ensure a sustainable future for the Academy and its work to ‘promote social sciences in the UK for public benefit’.

Download the strategy to find out more.

The Academy of Social Sciences promotes social sciences in the UK for public benefit. We share, showcase, champion and advocate for the social sciences, raising awareness of their immense influence and evidence-based insights, helping to secure a flourishing future for them. The Academy is a registered charity.