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Leave a Legacy

Passionate about social sciences and their future in the UK? Consider leaving us a legacy. It’s the best way to support us as a charity. 100% of donated funds go to charitable activities.

Legacies are the way in which Fellows and other interested individuals can best help the Academy. Few of us have capital to spare during our lifetimes and legacies offer the opportunity to help when you can and to leave a lasting benefit for social science.

The Academy is a small and efficient charity, and your legacy will make a big difference to the work we can do to promote social science. It will also help our sustainable growth and security. Our ambition is to create an endowment fund from legacies to help underpin the Academy’s growth from annual returns on its investments. Such a fund will, in addition, provide security against future unexpected events. We would love you to help us and social science with a legacy. As a donor, legacies to charities are exempt from inheritance tax.

The social sciences in the UK will be the main beneficiary of your legacy to the Academy. All the funds we receive as legacies are used wholly to support our work to promote the social sciences.

Unrestricted legacies are used to support the breadth of our work either through the Academy endowment fund or by directly funding one or more of our activities. Alternatively, you may request that your legacy is restricted for use in a particular way. In general, we prefer unrestricted legacies as they give us flexibility to use the funds in ways that the Academy’s Council deem most important at the time. Legacy donors are acknowledged in perpetuity on the Academy’s website  and in the Annual Report. For a confidential discussion, please contact Dr Rita Gardner,


Join as a Member Society

Join 48 other societies in becoming a valued part of our social sciences community. Our powerful network shares expertise, learning and ideas and is a strong collective voice for social science.

Our community comprises 48 individual member social science societies. Representing a wide range of disciplines, the community champions the social sciences alongside the Academy, and collaborates with other societies in sharing knowledge and best practice.

Six reasons to join as a Member Society

  • Be part of a collaborative community championing the social sciences.
  • Share knowledge and build capacity through our digital forum and termly meetings
  • Receive the Academy’s monthly policy updates
  • Nominate up to 10 of your own members a year to become Fellows
  • Receive Academy publications
  • Engage with the Campaign for Social Science and become a sponsor at a reduced fee

Membership is open to all social science societies.
For further information contact
Current membership fees are based on the size of your society. Currently this is 85p per paid-up member, or a minimum of £300 for societies with 352 members or fewer.

Support Us as a Fellow

As a Fellow you can support the Academy and its work in many different ways and at different career stages. Find out how you can contribute.

Eight ways in which Fellows can help us to champion social science.

  • Be proud of, and say, you are a social scientist! Recent Academy work has shown a poor understanding of social science beyond academia.
  • Be confident in presenting social science positively.

  • Ensure your students understand they are social scientists as well as discipline specialists (academic Fellows).
  • Ensure your colleagues know you are a social scientist (non-academic Fellows).
  • Educate your HR team to understand the skills and competencies of social scientists.
  • Increase the number of social science voices being heard – respond to government consultations vital to the social sciences.
  • Introduce yourself as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.
  • Make the case for your university or employer to sponsor or support our Campaign for Social Science.

10 ways in which Fellows can support the Academy’s work.

  • Contribute your expertise: submit a comment piece for our hubs or a paper for our journal.
  • Enable a local presence: support or set up a Regional Fellows’ Chapter.
  • Enhance our profile: follow us on social media and retweet our news.

  • Enrich our community: submit Fellows’ news stories for our website/e-bulletin.
  • Extend our reach: publicise the work of the Academy to your networks.
  • Invest in our future: leave us a legacy.
  • Partner with us: consider the Academy, with its convening and networking strengths, as a project collaborator.
  • Pay your subscription by direct debit: reduce our administration costs.
  • Share your experience: apply to join one of our committees or stand for election to the Council
  • Sustain an excellent Fellowship: nominate outstanding social scientists for Academy Fellowship.

Join the Campaign

Support the Campaign for Social Science to help promote the benefits of investment in the social sciences and demonstrate the vital role they play in improving our society.

The universities that support the Campaign for Social Science are among the most proactive and engaged producers and users of social science.  Learn  about their major projects, initiatives and activities and how they apply their expertise and research to address real world challenges

Campaign supporters work with us to showcase the power of social science and share our ambition to demonstrate the benefits of investing in the social sciences.

The Campaign works primarily with research-focused universities, but it also welcomes support from institutions that are more teaching-focused as well as from organisations that are users of social science research, including those from the business, private, and charity sectors. If your organisation shares our passion for the social sciences and believes they have an essential role to play in understanding and improving our society then you too should support the Campaign for Social Science.

Become a Campaign supporter to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the social sciences and help us showcase the ways you are producing or engaging with social science. Join us in making the case for further investment in the social sciences by helping us demonstrate their contribution to improving public policy, the economy, our society and all our lives.

To become a Campaign Supporter contact
or follow the link below for more details on the Campaign’s tiered Supporter Scheme.

The Campaign welcomes sponsorship enquiries from corporates or other organisations and from individual major donors. We work with our sponsors as partners across our Campaign activities, for mutual benefit.

Each sponsor relationship is special and is tailored and managed on an individual basis. We agree together how to align your support with aspects of our work that particularly interest you. and fits our strategy. Sponsors support the Campaign with a minimum of £25,000 annually. Sponsorship is subject to VAT.  Contact for an initial discussion.