Reimagining the recipe for research and innovation: the secret sauce of social science

Our new report emphasises the vitally important, yet often poorly-understood, role of the social sciences to the UK’s current research, development and innovation system, and outlines four key ingredients that the social sciences contribute to enable world-leading and future-focused UK research.

Election 24: ideas for change based on social science evidence

Social science perspectives will be vital in informing policy debates ahead of a likely UK General Election in 2024. To support the development of evidence-based policy discussions, our new hub foregrounds the social sciences in informing policies across the political spectrum and showcases research evidence relevant to public policy.

Political ‘Realism’ in an Election Year

This year’s Campaign for Social Science Annual Sage Lecture was delivered by Professor Gary Younge FAcSS, who explored Britain’s electoral culture through the lens of political ‘realism’.

Bringing justice into the environment

In this piece, Professor Gordon Walker FAcSS of Lancaster University discusses environmental and climate justice debates, as well as the role of social scientists in progressing both movements nationally and internationally.

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