University of Southampton – Helping Ugandan businesses demonstrate their sustainability

  • University of Southampton

Research into the challenges of corporate sustainability reporting in developing countries has led to a huge uptake in sustainability reporting in Ugandan organisations.

Sustainability reporting can reap rewards for businesses, from environmental and social to financial.

Professor Ven Tauringana has used his research to roll out a successful programme to train Ugandan organisations in how to prepare their own sustainability reports using global sustainability standards.

To encourage other organisations to adopt sustainability reporting, he launched a sustainability reporting quality mark to recognise Ugandan organisations that produce their first sustainability report, and incorporated a new NGO that is offering training in sustainability reporting in the African country.

Organisations are making changes to benefit their businesses as well as the wider environment and community, from implementing new environmentally-friendly technology, to upping recycling, to closing the gender gap, to cutting waste.

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Photo Credit: University of Southampton