Social science to play a major role in Clacton’s £20m levelling-up project

  • Living standards and Levelling up
  • University of Essex

University of Essex, a Gold level Supporter of the Campaign for Social Science, is establishing a Centre for Coastal Communities in Clacton as part of the £20m town centre improvement project being backed by the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.   The University was one of the partners which supported Tendring District Council’s successful bid for the transformational funding.

The Centre for Coastal Communities will lead on adult education and establish a research presence in Tendring. The many benefits will include bringing further footfall into the area, diversifying the demographic of visitors and establishing a nationally significant academic centre which will help to build the profile of Clacton and help to create greater private sector confidence to invest in the area.

The Centre will be part of the cross-faculty Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing  at University of Essex and social science research will play a major role in its work to transform the area.

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Photo Credit: University of Essex