Policy Monitor

November 2023

Active Consultation: Jurisdiction: Closing Date:

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Consultation

Northern Ireland Executive 24 Nov 2023 Respond

Consultation on Recommendations of Independent Review of Children’s Social Care Services in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Executive 1 Dec 2023 Respond

Creating a smokefree generation and tackling youth vaping

Northern Ireland Executive 6 Dec 2023 Respond

Enhancing the accessibility, adaptability and usability of Scotland’s homes: consultation

Scottish Government 21 Dec 2023 Respond

Mandatory training on planning for elected members

Scottish Government 26 Oct 2023 Respond

National Islands Plan review: consultation

Scottish Government 7 Nov 2023 Respond

Health and social care integration authority planning and performance reporting statutory guidance: consultation

Scottish Government 27 Oct 2023 Respond

Delivery of relationships, sexual health and parenthood (RSHP) education in Scottish schools – draft statutory guidance

Scottish Government 23 Nov 2023 Respond

Funeral director licensing scheme for Scotland

Scottish Government 17 Nov 2023 Respond

Burial and cremation consultation collection

Scottish Government 17 Nov 2023 Respond

Democracy Matters: local governance review

Scottish Government 28 Feb 2024 Respond

Tackling the Nature Emergency: Consultation on Scotland’s Strategic Framework for Biodiversity

Scottish Government 14 Dec 2023 Respond

Alcohol: Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP): Continuation and Future Pricing: Consultation

Scottish Government 22 Nov 2023 Respond

Police (Ethics, Conduct and Scrutiny) (Scotland) Bill – Call for views

Scottish Parliament 8 Dec 2023 Respond

Review of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Scottish Parliament 30 Nov 2023 Respond

Proposed Desecration of War Memorials (Prevention) (Scotland) Bill

Scottish Parliament 19 Dec 2023 Respond

Call for evidence: non-statutory flexible working

UK Government 7 Nov 2023 Respond

Reducing the harm from illegal drugs

UK Parliament 17 Nov 2023 Respond

Managing government borrowing

UK Parliament 24 Nov 2023 Respond

Cyber resilience of the UK’s critical national infrastructure

UK Parliament 10 Nov 2023 Respond

Cross-government working

UK Parliament 24 Nov 2023 Respond

Impact of the rising cost of living on women

UK Parliament 7 Nov 2023 Respond

Small modular reactors in the transition from fossil fuels

UK Parliament 9 Nov 2023 Respond

Implementation of education reforms

Senedd 31 Dec 2025 Respond

Heat strategy for Wales

Welsh Government 8 Nov 2023 Respond

Curriculum for Wales: continuing the journey

Welsh Government 13 Nov 2023 Respond

White Paper on ending homelessness in Wales

Welsh Government 16 Jan 2024 Respond

Net zero sector skills

Welsh Government 31 Dec 2023 Respond

The proposed ban of the manufacture, supply and sale of wet wipes containing plastic

Welsh Government 25 Nov 2023 Respond