Make a Nomination as an Accredited Social Science Society

Nominees must be eminent in their fields and may be drawn from academia, public, private or third sectors. They must also have made a substantial contribution to wider social science beyond the normal requirements of their position. It must be clearly demonstrable that they merit the esteem of their peers.

Proposers must not belong to the same institution as, or be closely related to, the Nominee. Neither may they have worked closely with the Nominee in recent years.

Please read further, detailed information in the section “What makes a suitable nominee?” in the Nominations Guidelines before completing this section.

Job title as it should appear on the Conferment Announcement if this nomination is successful e.g. ‘Professor of Social Science’ or ‘Senior Analyst’

Please read “How can Learned Societies make Nominations” in the Nominations Guidelines before completing this section.

The Statement of Justification must be completed by the Proposer. Please read the Section headed ‘The Statement of Justification’ in the Nominations Guidelines and look at the example statements, before completing this section.

Please ensure you:

  • Indicate why the Nominee is eminent in his/her field.
  • Outline the main impact of the Nominee’s work, citing significant publications, if relevant and appropriate.
  • Show the Nominee’s contribution to wider social science.

This should be presented as a short series of evidenced bullet points that make the case (max 500 words).

All relevant information must be included in this submission – either here or within the associated CV, and you should not refer to information elsewhere, for example, on a website.

File name:

File size:

Please upload a short, summary CV (maximum length: 4 pages) ensuring that the nominee’s name is included in the CV’s file name. Please refer to the nominations guidance and CV examples.

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Remember to please ask your nominee to complete the Diversity Monitoring Form.