Vacancies open for election to Academy of Social Sciences Council

Two vacancies are open for election to the Academy’s Council which both fall from within the constituency of affiliated learned societies.

Elections will run from 16 May to 30 May 2022 and the results will be announced at the Academy’s Annual General Meeting on 16 June 2022.

The Council is the Academy’s governing body. Council members are both trustees and directors, as the Academy is both a registered charity and a limited company.  The Council has 21 members: seven elected by Fellows, seven elected by affiliated learned societies and seven appointed by Council.  Current members are listed here.

Standing for election

Declarations of candidacy can be made via the affiliated learned society or directly by the candidate, who must be one of our affiliated learned societies members.

Interested candidates are required to complete the declaration of candidacy form and return by email to Dr Sarah Jones, Head of Administration on by Friday 6 May 2022.
Download the guidance for more information and timetable for Council elections.

Council meets three times each year and members serve a three-year term, which may be renewed for a further term of three years. The generic responsibilities of charity trustees are significant and are set out here.

We are committed to increasing diversity on our Council and we welcome applications from a wide range of candidates, especially those who will add new dimensions to our Council and complement existing members’ expertise.  We are particularly keen at present to increase our representation on the Council from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with people working in the field of environmental social sciences, and with people from ethnic minorities groups.

We seek individuals (academic or practitioner) of standing, with expertise in a field of social science, and a commitment to the purpose of the Academy to ‘promote social sciences in the UK for public benefit’ which goes beyond a commitment to represent their own discipline.

Any Fellow who is considering standing and would find further discussion helpful, please get in touch with Dr Rita Gardner, CEO  at