The Academy of Social Sciences launches Season 2 of The We Society podcast

Hosted by Will Hutton, with a different guest each week, the podcast invites listeners to explore the ideas that shape the world we live in.

I’m really delighted to be hosting another series of The We Society podcast. I know some of you will think I have to say that – but genuinely the conversations have all been great. Whether it was Hillary Clinton arguing about the destructive roots of populism or Gary Younge talking about how it felt to walk into a room as a young black man, it’s been riveting. We are trying to get to grips with the magnitude of today’s challenges – but not to wring our hands – rather to look for insight and hope.” – Will Hutton, host of The We Society.

On Monday 31st October, The We Society podcast returns for its second season. Hosted by Will Hutton FAcSS, Academy President, political economist and journalist, each episode interviews a leading expert exploring and debating the ideas that shape the world we live in.

As the institutions and structures that have underpinned Britain and the world quiver before unprecedented pressures, Will explores with an unique range of experts the roots of what is going on and how best we can together respond.

Kicking off with a double drop, the first two episodes range from how a stressed NHS can sustain the nation’s health with Professor Linda Bauld to Russia’s on-going invasion of Ukraine with Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman.

Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman says: “The Ukrainians had no choice. They were fighting for their homeland, and the more news came through of atrocities and war crimes and so on, the more determined they became, even though they’ve taken very heavy losses.

On the NHS, Professor Linda Bauld says: “If you look at our mortality and also the dipping in and out of lockdowns, you can say that the UK was one of the worst countries in terms of managing the pandemic. There are many things about our response, which absolutely need to be improved.

This is a must listen for all of us trying to get to grips with the magnitude of today’s challenges, concerned about our society and looking for insight and hope.

Guests in the forthcoming episodes include Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Professor Ann Phoenix, Torsten Bell, and Greg Clark, among others on big issues ranging from the UK economy, to the future of cities, and reforming the NHS.

New episodes drop every Monday and listeners are encouraged – if they haven’t already – to listen to Season 1 of The We Society podcast in which Will interviews the likes of Hillary Clinton, Professor Gary Younge and Professor Kate Pickett.

Season 2 of The We Society will be available on Apple, Spotify, all major podcast platforms from Monday, 31st October. You can listen to the trailer now.

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About Will Hutton FAcSS

Will Hutton is the host of The We Society podcast as well as a political economist, author and columnist. He is currently President of the Academy of Social Sciences, regular columnist for the Observer and co-chairs the Purposeful Company – a think tank whose organising proposition is that companies’ intrinsic purpose should drive their strategy, values and ultimately profit.

The most well-known of his six major books is 1995’s The State We’re In, a criticism of free market economics and advocacy of stakeholder capitalism that became the best-selling political economy book since 1945. His earlier career includes the economic editorship of the Guardian and BBC2 Newsnight, the editorship of the Observer, the chief executive of the Work Foundation and Principal of Hertford College Oxford.

About The Academy of Social Sciences

The Academy of Social Sciences is a national academy of academics, practitioners and learned societies in social science. The sector’s leading independent voice in the UK, AcSS champions the vital role social sciences play in education, government and business. The Academy draws on the expertise of 1500 expert Fellows and the wider social sciences community.

Social science is the study of people: as individuals, communities and societies; their behaviours and interactions with each other and with their built, technological and natural environments. Social science seeks to understand the evolving human systems across our increasingly complex world and how our planet can be more sustainably managed. It’s vital to our shared future.