Don’t miss our Election 24 events this autumn

We have a range of events exploring the ways social science can contribute to public policy coming up this autumn, as part of our Campaign for Social Science project, Election 24: ideas for change based on social science evidence.

Following on from our recent webinar about reducing health inequalities, our next online event, taking place on Wednesday 25 October, will explore Migration: the research, the polling and the politics. Chaired by Dr Heather Rolfe, our expert panel features Professor Heaven Crawley outlining the key themes and findings from academic research on migration within a UK context; Professor Paul Whiteley providing insights on public opinion and voting behaviour relating to migration; and Lord David Blunkett reflecting on the politics of migration, and the extent to which policy decisions are (or should be) swayed by research evidence and public views.

Later this week, we’ll be exploring the impact of the social sciences on shaping policies aimed at combatting loneliness at our in-person event, Celebrating Lifelong Wellbeing in Wales, in partnership with Cardiff University. Featuring acclaimed academics from Cardiff, Bangor and Swansea universities, our expert panel will discuss how addressing loneliness plays a pivotal role in uplifting the collective wellbeing of Wales.

The climate crisis is an issue that requires effective public policy in order to reach the UK’s net zero commitments. At our event in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, Still on track for net zero? Domestic and international challenges in climate policy, we’ll hear from Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the UK Climate Change Committee, as he shares his thoughts on the challenges ahead. This will be followed by a panel of social scientists and industry representatives including Claire Mack, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, Colin Pritchard, Sustainability Director at Ineos Grangemouth and Patrick Bayer, Professor in Environmental Sustainability & Democracy at the University of Glasgow who will discuss the broad domestic political consensus and the transition towards net zero.

The theme of sustainability will continue to be discussed at our event in Southampton where a panel of political representatives and academic figures will ask whether we can achieve sustainable growth. And in Birmingham, Honorary Professor and former cabinet minister, Liam Byrne will discuss a bold plan to renew one of the oldest ideas in British politics: the wealth-owning democracy, in The Inequality of Wealth. Why it matters and how to fix it.

This year, Professor Gary Younge, author, broadcaster, and Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester will deliver our Campaign for Social Science Annual Sage Lecture. In this free online talk, Political ‘Realism’ in an Election Year, Gary will argue that not only will the main parties fail to offer solutions to a number of urgent challenges, from the cost of living crisis to an underfunded NHS but, in the name of ‘realism’, they will also avoid any substantial engagement with the issues causing them.

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Election 24: ideas for change based on social science evidence draws on a range of social science research and evidence to suggest policy directions ahead of a UK General Election in 2024.

Drawing on the expertise of Academy Fellows and other distinguished social scientists, Election 24 features events, blogs and comment pieces covering many key policy areas including the cost-of-living crisis; climate change and living standards; health and social care; immigration; and higher education, amongst others.

More information on related events being held next year will be available on the Election 24 hub later this autumn.

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