Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) statement

  • Corporate Publication

Academy of Social Sciences 

The Academy of Social Sciences is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) among our staff, trustees, committee members, Fellowship and wider community; and across our activities. We believe that the promotion of equality and diversity should be core values in the advancement of the social sciences. This EDI policy will inform our other policies.

We aim to be an Equal Opportunities Employer by ensuring our policies and practices comply with the Equality Act 2010 as a minimum. We share the equality vision of the Charity Commission: to act inclusively, upholding equality law, treating everyone fairly and seeking to provide a culture which delivers the best outcomes for the diverse society in which and for whom we work.

The Academy of Social Sciences commits to:

  • Hold EDI as a core value of the organisation.
  • Defend the right of all our staff, trustees, committee members and Fellows to be free from discrimination within the Academy of Social Sciences.
  • Promote the practice of equality, diversity and inclusion within the Academy of Social Sciences and the wider social science community.
  • Work with our community of learned societies to collaborate and share good practice on embedding equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Appoint and maintain a trustee responsible for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion who will advise and monitor the implementation of the Academy’s commitments.
  • Reflect upon our activities and implement appropriate interventions on equality and diversity within the Academy of Social Sciences.
  • Regularly obtain data for equality and diversity monitoring purposes.

This is a living statement and will be monitored and reviewed regularly with staff, trustees and the communities we engage with.

Approved by the Academy’s Council October 2023.

Download a copy of our EDI statement