Policy Monitor

May 2024

Active Consultation: Jurisdiction: Closing Date:

Rethinking Our Resources: Measures for Climate Action and a Circular Economy in NI Consultation

Northern Ireland Executive 27 Jun 2024 Respond

Consultation on Proposed changes to the Police Service Northern Ireland Injury on Duty Scheme

Northern Ireland Executive 17 Jun 2024 Respond

Review of Civil Legal Aid – Call for Evidence

Northern Ireland Executive 18 Jun 2024 Respond

Consultation on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Incorporation) (Scotland) Act 2024: Statutory Guidance on Part 2 and 3, section 18

Scottish Government 16 May 2024 Respond

Restricting promotions of food and drink high in fat, sugar or salt – Consultation on the detail of proposed regulations

Scottish Government 21 May 2024 Respond

Investing in Planning: a consultation on resourcing Scotland’s planning system

Scottish Government 31 May 2024 Respond

Implementing the prohibition of the sale and supply of single-use vapes in Scotland: your views

Scottish Government 14 May 2024 Respond

Proposed Right to Palliative Care (Scotland) Bill

Scottish Parliament 4 Jun 2024 Respond

Disability Commissioner (Scotland) Bill

Scottish Parliament 17 May 2024 Respond

Call for Views on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill

Scottish Parliament 21 May 2024 Respond

Housing (Scotland) Bill Call for Views

Scottish Parliament 17 May 2024 Respond

Proposed Policing Inspection Programme and Framework 2020 to 2021

UK Government 30 Dec 2025 Respond

Childminder recruitment and retention consultation

UK Government 10 May 2024 Respond

Personal, social and employability (PSE) qualifications: national standards consultation

UK Government 20 May 2024 Respond

Vaping Products Duty consultation

UK Government 29 May 2024 Respond

Cryptoasset Reporting Framework and Common Reporting Standard

UK Government 29 May 2024 Respond

Raising standards in the tax advice market: strengthening the regulatory framework and improving registration

UK Government 29 May 2024 Respond

UK ISA consultation

UK Government 6 Jun 2024 Respond

Low Pay Commission consultation 2024

UK Government 7 Jun 2024 Respond

Motorcycles in bus lanes

UK Government 9 Jun 2024 Respond

Possible changes to the Employment Tribunal Rules

UK Government 26 Jun 2024 Respond

Reforming the law of apologies in civil proceedings

UK Government 3 Jun 2024 Respond

Early years foundation stage (EYFS) safeguarding

UK Government 17 Jun 2024 Respond

The UK border: Implementing an effective trade border

UK Parliament 17 May 2024 Respond

Update on reducing the backlog in Criminal Courts

UK Parliament 29 May 2024 Respond

Access to High Street Banking in Wales

UK Parliament 8 May 2024 Respond

Boys’ attainment and engagement in education

UK Parliament 17 May 2024 Respond

Implementation of education reforms

Senedd 31 Dec 2025 Respond

Raising the weekly maximum charge for adult non-residential care and support

Welsh Government 13 May 2024 Respond

Draft mental health and wellbeing strategy

Welsh Government 11 Jun 2024 Respond

Draft suicide and self-harm prevention strategy

Welsh Government 11 Jun 2024 Respond

14 to 16 learning under the Curriculum for Wales

Welsh Government 8 May 2024 Respond

Proposed changes to land transaction tax reliefs

Welsh Government 19 May 2024 Respond