University of Exeter wins major ESRC investment to lead environmental social science leadership team

The Academy of Social Sciences is delighted to see ESRC’s recently announced £6.25 million investment in interdisciplinary environmental social science leadership. This major new funding signals strong recognition that in order for the UK to achieve net zero by 2050, social science knowledge and expertise is vital.

In particular, we congratulate our Campaign for Social Science Gold Supporter, Exeter University, which has been selected to lead the project jointly with Surrey University. The Academy is also delighted to be a partner on the project alongside other universities and major national and local organisations.

Headed by Professor Patrick Devine-Wright (Exeter) and Professor Birgitta Gatersleben (Surrey), the team will ensure the UK leads the world in understanding how to achieve the human and institutional change needed to deliver net zero and other critical environmental, biodiversity and sustainability goals. The Advancing Capacity for Climate and Environment Social Science (ACCESS) five-year programme will: map, assess and learn from current expertise; empower environmental social scientists with the knowledge and skills required to support policy or institutional changes; and create a world-class data and information hub to enable innovative solutions.

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