GCSE results day 2023: more students choosing to study social sciences at GCSE

The Academy congratulates everyone receiving their GCSE results today.

Published this morning, this year’s results show more students are choosing to study social science, with a total of 450,616 entries for exams in business studies, economics, geography and statistics across England, Wales and Northern Ireland; a 5.8% increase on the number of entries for the same subjects in 2022.

Geography, which is part of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), is now the sixth most studied GCSE in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with 293,319 entries in 2023. In addition, business studies, economics and statistics have also all seen significant percentage increases in the number of students choosing to study them at GCSE level since 2022. Business studies in particular has seen the biggest increase in entries out of the subjects which sit outside of the top 10 but have more than 100,000 entries, with an increase of 14.8% (123,166) compared to 2022 (107,283).

Dr Rita Gardner, Chief Executive of the Academy, said: “Well done to all of the students receiving their GCSE results today, which is testament to their hard work, and the support of their teachers, parents and carers. We’re delighted to see an increase in the number of students choosing to study the social sciences at GCSE level. The skills and knowledge they provide students open up a wide range of opportunities for further study as well as future career opportunities. Not only are the social sciences well placed in helping us understand the nature of our changing human world, but they also inspire us to be culturally sensitive, economically and environmentally aware and socially responsible individuals.”

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