Call for new Campaign Board member

The Campaign for Social Science is seeking a new member to serve on its Advisory Board, which is chaired by Professor Bobby Duffy.

Applicants from environmental social science disciplines or similar are encouraged to apply. We are seeking a social scientist with demonstrable expertise and interest in climate change and sustainability.  Applicants should also have experience of one or more of public policy and practice, communications and outreach, and fundraising and advocacy.

We actively encourage applications from underrepresented groups to ensure that the Board reflects the rich diversity of UK social science. The Board members include both academics and those working in the private and public sectors.

The Campaign was set up in 2011 as an initiative of the Academy of Social Sciences, with its own Board, which is a committee of, and reports to, the Academy’s Council. The Campaign’s purpose is to demonstrate how social science improves public policy, society and all our lives. It highlights the value of applied social science research and advocates for its greater use in decision-making and in government. The Campaign is supported by a coalition of universities, social science societies, and publishers. You can find out more about its work on our website.

Appointments to the Board are for an initial three years’ duration, with the potential to renew for another three years. Board members are unremunerated, but travel and related expenses for Board meetings in central London are paid.

If you are interested to find out more about the role then please contact the Campaign at

The application procedure is to write a short letter (accompanied by a CV) and send it to the email addresses shown above, to outline the basis for your interest in the role, your relevant experience, and what you hope to bring to the Campaign.

This is an open call so please do pass it on to others in your network of contacts if you think you know somebody who might be interested to work with us on the Campaign.

Applications close on Friday 1 April 2022.