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COVID-19 Hub

Launched in May 2020, the COVID-19 hub highlights the crucial role of social science in helping us to understand the impact of the pandemic and how best to manage the crisis and its fallout. The hub brings together a range of resources created by Academy Fellows and other distinguished social scientists. It provides easy […]

Careers in Social Science

Social scientists work in business, in the public sector and for charities. The knowledge, skills and ways of thinking that a social science degree confer open up a huge range of career opportunities. While some graduates become entrepreneurs, many develop during their career to become leaders or senior managers in organisations or businesses. Some […]
Comment and Analysis

Levelling up taxation, funding and education

In this piece Professor Danny Dorling FAcSS explores some of the complexities and nuances of inequality in the UK. He shines a light on some compelling evidence which makes the case for progressive taxation and reforming education funding as essential ingredients of effective levelling up.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

[…] ethnicity, racial diversity and inclusion; gender equality; and socio-economic inequalities.  These issues have taken different forms and affected various groups and places at different times. Today, the UK focusses particularly on addressing ethnic and racial inequality, and economic and employment inequality between regions. Many universities and social science societies also seek to address EDI […]

Higher Education Policy

[…] university research and teaching; composition of the university workforce and students; the regulation of higher education including outcomes for students. Much of our policy work requires outreach to policymakers and other stakeholders, so publications are only part of our work. Our higher education policy work concentrates on issues relevant to the social sciences. Our […]

Skills & 

[…] science graduates do about as well as STEM graduates in employment and earnings. But there is variation by discipline and other factors (like what part of the UK you are in, whether you are male or female, what university you went to, and so on). Social science graduates are valued in the private sector, […]
Policy Updates

Policy Update – December 2021

Place to Be Our biggest news was the launch of The Place to Be: How social sciences are helping to improve places in the UK.  This highlights 24 case studies of social science-led initiatives that are already making real practical contributions to ‘levelling up’ in their parts of the UK.  In our summary, we […]
I’m a Social Scientist

Jonathan Breckon

Introduction I am an independent consultant. I mobilise social science research for smarter decision-making in government, NGOs, and professional bodies. This involves creating new evidence institutions, or synthesising social science, or communicating research insights to policymakers and others.  BSc. in Psychology, Masters and PhD (current) in Political and Social Sciences.